Convid 19 Latest News

Latest News and Policy Updates

As news of the Covid 19 Virus changes rapidly we will attempt to provide up to date information from our Travel Industry Partners as they release it. 

In all instances, you should verify all information you read (even from us) before you panic.  At the time of writing, there are lots of reports that are misleading and false, and you need to ensure that you verify your information before worrying about it. 

The Australian Federal Government yesterday released a  plan to respond to the apparent inevitable spread of the virus to the general population in Australia.  You can source this policy document here:

What is happening at Spot On Travel?

In line with this clients should be aware that our office will shut down and staff will operate from if and when the Australian Government advising businesses to do this.  The reason for our cautious approach is that Michelle is immunosuppressed and therefore considered at high risk. In the meantime, it is business as usual.

So How Does My Travel Insurance Work?

Spot On Travel sells three brands of Travel Insurance.  All three companies have released updates on what is and what is not covered.  Here are the links to read what the Travel Insurance Companies say:




What about Airlines?

The industry is currently experiencing an unprecedented event.  Every airline is working to respond to travel restrictions imposed by governments around the world and to fluctuating demand for airline travel.  When you book with Spot On Travel it's our job to keep you informed and to assist by processing any claims for cancellations and flight booking changes.  Our promise to you is that we will work in your best interests always!

What About Cruises?

The CLIA is the representative body of the Cruise Industry. They have committed to working with governments around the world to reposition cruises, change ports of call and ensure the health of their passengers.  Read more about how the cruise industry is responding here.


Suggestions for Travellers concerned about the Covid 19 Virus

Explore Australia - the army of grey nomads that wander around Australia have long known that we live in one of the most environmentally diverse countries in the world.  You can choose from snow to the tropics - from the desert to the rainforest.  Even more exciting is the fact that we are home to the worlds longest continuous culture and that our first nations people are continuing to grow their tourist attractions.  Don't wait until you are old - explore now!

We have everything from domestic cruises to tours, fly/drive holidays and even amazing adventure tourism right here - just for you!

Hop over the ditch - If you want extreme go to NZ.  They really get adventure tourism.  You can bungee jump, ride the rapids and do all sorts of other heart-stopping stuff - or you can kick back and take in the amazing foodie culture.  Just like Australia, you can go from Snow to the subtropical rain forest.  James and Michelle are Ozzie/Kiwi dual nationals and they really know New Zealand!


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